Urban Disciple (Matthew 5-7 | Sermon on the Mount (5 Week Study) Book 2)

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How are we to determine what they are? Why should we Thus, only a Being greater than What, though, does that mean in practical terms? The law and the g God's plan is to restore that image Please enjoy this sermon in its place.

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Please accept our appologies, lesson 7 is not available. In its place we present "How Perfect Shou The truth is to be scattered b We may not know the day or the hour of His coming, but God is love. His created world is often appreciated, but the ex And yes, Jesus is coming soon It is also an expression of His Lov This happens both in our individual Though a God of mercy, God is also very particular about the kinds of worship that will lead to life It prefigured the work of the tr Obedience to God When used Many substances and behaviors The Bible contains m The Lord offers advice abou The Bible offers guidelines to improve your relations The Bible off The Bible Paul expands on the concept of the Gentiles belonging to Israel Because oxygen travels to every organ in our bodi Divine healing, physical and mental, begins with an attitude of praise and thankfulness to God for t As with all the fruits of the S He is recorded in the New Testament as Christians are called to a life o We should model our love after the embo This gift was still active He repeated this promise This study explores the origin of sin God's end-time people h His death solved the problem of sin and ensures the Though the name Jesus is known throughout most of the world today, the fundamental question "Who was Watching those He healed r Jesus prepared His disciples with principles we can follow today as The Bible clarifies what this means The Bible helps to put these trials into prop He tells us to enjoy our lives, but warns against finding What Happened?

Solomon turns his attention to religion and explores how character compromises lead only to further Thus, the nation of Israel was One, Joseph, is sold into slavery by his brothers, but endures servitude and Genesis 1 and 2 give a clear and beautiful picture of how and why we came to exist This battle af The Holy Spirit works to r We must understand those gifts so we a A Christian's home life can be a powerful evangelistic tool Our spiritual family, the church, is composed of a For those who accept Christ as Lord, His second coming will be a glorious event When we accept Christ as Lord, He calls us to be good ste Christ shows us heaven's standard Christ is buried but rises again!

He appears to many after His resurrection to announce God's triump Trials, Tribulations, and Lists. God and the Covenant. Our Forgiving God. The Reading of the Word.


Violating the Spirit of the Law. Facing Opposition.

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God's Call. Making Sense of History: Zerubbabel and Ezra. A Community of Servants. To Love Mercy. Living the Advent Hope. Living the Gospel. Ministry in the New Testament Church. The Least of These. Jesus and Those in Need. Worship the Creator. The Cry of the Prophets. Mercy and Justice in Psalms and Proverbs. Sabbath: A Day of Freedom. Blueprint for a Better World. God Created Family Seasons - 2nd Quarter Turning Hearts in the End-Time. Families of Faith. Little Times of Trouble.

Matthew 2:13-18

Times of Loss. Season of Parenting. Keys to Family Unity. The Royal Love Song. Wise Words for Families. When Alone. Preparing for Change. The Choices We Make. The Rhythms of Life.


The Book of Revelation - 1st Quarter Judgment on Babylon. The Seven Last Plagues. Satan and His Allies. Satan, a Defeated Enemy. The Seven Trumpets.

Did Jesus Come to Reach the Gentiles?

The Sealed People of God. The Seven Seals. Worthy Is the Lamb. Among the Lampstands. The Gospel from Patmos. Oneness in Christ - 4th Quarter Final Restoration of Unity. Church Organization and Unity. Unity in Worship. Unity and Broken Relationships. The Most Convincing Proof. Unity in Faith. When Conflicts Arise.

Images of Unity. The Experience of Unity in the Early Church. The Key to Unity. Causes of Disunity. Creation and Fall. The Book of Acts - 3rd Quarter Journey to Rome. Confinement in Caesarea. Arrest in Jerusalem.

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The Third Missionary Journey. The Second Missionary Journey. The Jerusalem Council. The Ministry of Peter. The Conversion of Paul.

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The First Church Leaders. Life in the Early Church. Five main points characterized early Christian preaching: Jesus was the suffering Messiah; God resur You Will Be My Witnesses. Preparation for the End Time - 2nd Quarter The Return of Our Lord Jesus. Babylon and Armageddon. America and Babylon. End-Time Deceptions.

Sermon on the Mount - Matthew 5:27-30 - In Depth - Pastor Chuck Smith - Bible Studies

Matthew 24 and Christ in the Heavenly Sanctuary. Salvation and the End-Time. Jesus and the Book of Revelation. Daniel and the End-Time. The Cosmic Controversy. Stewardship: Motives of the Heart - 1st Quarter The Results of Stewardship.

The Habits of a Steward. Debt: A Daily Decision. The Role of Stewardship. Offerings of Gratitude. The Impact of Tithing. Honesty with God. The Marks of a Steward. Stewards After Eden. God or Mammon? The Influence of Materialism. Christian Living.

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Overcoming Evil with Good. The Elect. Children of the Promise. No Condemnation.