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People who bought this also bought. Gemma Jones stars as Louisa Leyton, a determined woman whose year story begins with her as a servant but ends with her running one of London's most famous hotels.

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Created by Upstairs, Downstairs producer John Hawkesworth, this critically-acclaimed and Emmy-nominated series ran from to Show more Show less. Ratings and reviews Write a review. Most relevant reviews See all 9 reviews. Love it Have seen recently some on tv, so I thought I would buy dvd. Thanks Verified purchase: Yes Condition: New. Amusing Really good watch, comedy, romance, business and war all thrown into one. In his quest to become the strongest hero he can be, he's made a fatal error: he's become too strong and he's lost all his hair.

XTC’s Dukes of Stratosphear albums freshly remixed for new ‘Psurroundabout Ride’ set

What fun can be had for a hero who can defeat any enemy, no matter how preposterously strong, with a single lethal punch? It's from this premise that One-Punch Man turns every trope of superhero entertainment on its head in a delightfully anarchic series which suffers none of the po-faced seriousness of many Japanese animations.

Whether you're anime veteran or a total newcomer, it's the kind of show that anyone can enjoy. Take a chance. You won't regret it. From the same team behind The People v O. Simpson comes the true — if slightly embellished — story of the life of Andrew Cunanan, who, in , shot dead the world-famous fashion designer Gianni Versace outside his home in Miami Beach, Florida. From start to finish, this show is compelling, binge-worthy viewing. Netflix's first ever Original is a brilliant crime and fish-out-of-water black comedy that's worth trying if you never saw it first time around.

Stevie Van Zandt, best known for his role as a mob boss in The Sopranos , plays an eerily familiar mobster who chooses to move to Norway when he turns state's witness. He ends up in Lillehammer, which he remembers from the Winter Olympics, and predictably begins building a mafia-style criminal empire, complete with seedy bar, in partnership with some of the less than scrupulous locals. Dogs are too good for us.

There's proof enough in the first very first episode of Dogs , a tale of a service animal trained to detect seizures in a young girl, giving her back the freedom to be alone. While the episode about groomers in Japan has its fair share of adorable, Dogs is much more than a series of cute Instagram-worthy clips.

Instead, these slow, quietly told stories reveal how devotion and love bring out the best in us humans, be it at the world's largest shelter in Costa Rica, fishing on an empty Italian lake, or the tense trip a husky takes from Syria to reunite with his owner, a refugee now living in Berlin. By the time the final episode about adoption rolls around, you'll want one of your own — but not feel quite worthy.

In Russian Doll , Nadia has two problems. One: she keeps dying.

Two: she keeps coming back in a Groundhog Day kind of way, not a Walking Dead scenario. The first episode opens with a birthday party thrown for Nadia, played by the glorious Natasha Lyonne, who is also a co-creator on the show. That same night, she dies — and then finds herself back at the party again.

The result is both funny and thought-provoking, without over-egging the potential for philosophical musing. If you are looking for genuine terror, let it come in the form of a documentary series about the life of the man whose psychopathic cruelty traumatised America in the s: namely, Ted Bundy. And to the barbaric violence with which he carried them out. It was a subject of morbid fascination for the public at the time, and it remains so almost 40 years later. Do not watch alone. This eight episode series is one of the more unusual and original Netflix shows in recent memory.

It opens with Prairie Johnson, played by co-creator Brit Marling, reappearing having been missing for seven years. She won't explain where she was or the biggest mystery of all: how she came to regain her sight. What follows is an absorbing supernatural mystery that stretches credulity at times, but keeps you hooked all the same. An absorbing second season was released in to well-deserved critical acclaim.

A Duke for all Seasons

The very first episode of the eight-part Sex Education opens with a scene of two teenagers having awkward, unsatisfying sex and things just get more cringe-inducing from then. At the heart of the series are the gawky Otis Asa Butterfield , so unable to confront his own desire that he can't masturbate, and his sex therapist mother Gillian Anderson who thinks her son's insecurities are ideal breakfast table conversation starter. The setting is jarring — it's basically the school from The Breakfast Club transplanted into the British countryside — but the series' wide-eyed honesty is a refreshing and poignant look at the bewildering world of teenage desire.

Come for the folding tips, stay for the warm fuzzy feeling you get watching couples bond over bin bags. Based on a series of novels by Bernard Cornwell, The Last Kingdom is set in late 9th-century England, long before the country was unified. The competing kingdoms have been invaded and occupied by Vikings, leaving Wessex under the rule of King Alfred as the last standing against the plundering hoards. It's an entertaining historical drama centred on Uthred of Bebbanburg, an Anglo-Saxon who is kidnapped as a boy, raised as a Viking and finds himself playing both sides to try and regain the land and title stolen from him.

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The Truth About the Duke Book Series (4 Books). From Book 1. A single ladyin possession of a good fortunemust be in want of a suitor. Margaret de Lacey has. The Windham Series Boxed Set (Volumes ): The Duke's Obsession Regency Romance Trilogy - Kindle edition by Grace Burrowes. Romance Kindle eBooks.

It never quite reaches the heights of Vikings , which is available on Amazon Prime, but it's a more than adequate substitute while you wait for its final season. There are three seasons on Netflix with a fourth on the way. The show, which was uploaded to Netflix for the first time this month, follows the contestants and producers on a fictional series of Big Brother , who become stranded on set as a zombie outbreak ravages the world outside. Funny, dark, and at points actually quite scary, the series follows a year-old Sabrina Spellman forced to choose between witch life and her mortal friends.

Kiernan Shipka brings a mix of familiarity and fresh spirit to the role, portraying a spunky, modern Sabrina with a taste for the occult. Episodes oscillate from evil to irreverent, while glorious gothic design makes for indulgent viewing. It might even make you jump.

The Duchess of Duke Street: The Complete Collection DVD

It could have been terrible, but thankfully Star Trek: Discovery is absolutely terrific. While at times it oscillates awkwardly between big-budget drama and cheap sci-fi thrills, for the most part this is a thoughtful, visually stunning expansion of Trekkian lore. Its obsession with winking and nodding to that lore will delight fans of the show, but at its core Discovery is a brilliant character drama, set against some clever and mind-bending sci-fi plot twists.

It's now back for season two. Canadian actress Tatiana Maslany puts on the mask of a sci-fi version of Veronica Mars with a slightly more whimsical vibe and a fake British accent. She discovers that she is part of a large-scale experiment with clones, and that identical versions of her are running around all over the country.

Now in its fifth season, now is the perfect time to get into one of best things on Netflix ever. A lot has changed since then. The animated series picks up with BoJack 20 years after his peak as he sinks deeper into middle age and an endless cycle of substance abuse.

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In a LA half-populated by human-animal hybrids, BoJack comes to terms with his existential dread in this bleak and darkly funny comedy. The first half of season one is a little heavy on the bleakness and light on laughs, but once it hits its stride this surreal comedy comes into its own with stellar voice performances from Amy Sedaris, Will Arnett and Aaron Paul.

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The series follows the Bluth family, a horde of nutty, selfish sociopaths who attempt to look after themselves after Papa Bluth goes to prison and cash starts being short. The only relatively functional member of the family, Michael — whose son is rightfully named George Michael — desperately tries to live up to his favourite adage that family is what counts the most. His struggles between a manipulative, emotionless mother and his professionally qualified magician brother make for an easy watch and puns that get even better as the series continues.

But there seems to have been some administrative error, as Eleanor is not a good person by any measure. Tommy Shelby is a man on a mission. The former WW1 soldier, and his highly dysfunctional family members, have returned to a gritty Birmingham after WW1. Now, he wants power for himself and will overthrow everyone that gets in his way.

The Devil’s Duke Series

There's excessive drinking, fighting and swearing as the Shelby family becomes the most well known in the UK's second city. And the police aren't even a concern.

If you get on the wrong side of the family there will be trouble. A serial killer targeting children is on the loose in s New York. The local police department is playing down any connections between the deaths of the young boys, who all work in the sex industry. Based on Caleb Carr's novel, the series sees criminal psychologist Dr. The trio work under the radar with new police commissioner Theodore Roosevelt in an attempt to track down the deranged serial killer using psychological analysis — a largely unheard of technique at the time.

Nick Sax is a detective turned hitman who revels in his completely dysfunctional life. Then, after suffering a heart attack during a hit, he wakes up to find he is now accompanied by Happy, a small blue flying unicorn. What follows are a large amount of serious violence and disturbing scenes, which will likely be off-putting to some viewers. Travellers is something of a hidden gem, albeit one that's increasingly not hidden as people realise the genius of this tight, entertaining Canadian sci-fi series.

Run by Brad Wright, one of the co-creators of Stargate SG-1 , the show follows a team of time travellers sent back to "the 21st" to prevent the post-apocalyptic future from which they came. The twist is how they travel. The Travellers have their consciousness transferred into the bodies of people shortly before their death, adopting their identities and living their lives between missions.

It's an often thrilling, sometimes complicated watch that treads the line between serious sci-fi and accessible entertainment perfectly. Flawed characters make good drama and boy are the characters in Better Call Saul flawed. Ostensibly it's about how Jimmy became Saul, but there's more to the show.