Noah in Atlantis

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One thought on “Noah’s Flood: Same as the Flood of Atlantis & Reign Of Saturn?”

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Note: This link opens in iTunes. According to Genesis, the descendants of the Japheth who escaped out of the Flood with Noah are the Ionians, the inhabitants of the Morea, the dwellers on the Cilician coast of Asia Minor, the Cyprians, the Dodoneans of Macedonia, the Iberians, and the Thracians. But where in Asia could they have found a country so peaceful as to know no terms for war or bloodshed;—a country so civilized as to possess no wild beasts save the bear, wolf, and serpent? In Finland, the ice stopped in the east, near the modern border with northern Russia. Something did happen in the ancient world that was cataclysmic. He was a very great king, who ruled with justice a mighty empire, and attained the sovereignty of three worlds.

Patent and Trademark Office and in other countries. All rights to its use is reserved. Recent Podcasts Be a Keeper of the Flame Having an Avatar The Seventh Root Race Sponsor Life Karma, Divorce and Accidents Seven Rays and Seven Rituals Marriage: Union or Unity? These could well have been the off-worlders who built and occupied Atlantis.

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Also in Genesis ,6, it states, there was no rain in the Earth in those days. It has been shown, by experimentation in the late s, that this climatic would exist if the axis of Earth were at 90 degrees to the plane of its orbit. A cosmic collision is now predicted by astronomers to be a matter of not if but when. Why not already have happened and Atlantis and Earth been its victims?

These pieces of the puzzle were eventually put together in the historical novel I have named Noah in Atlantis. After graduating high school, Brunner began studying to become a Christian minister, graduating seminary school in However, Brunner decided to switch career tracks, and he became a teacher in the Queensland State School system.

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He also worked in schools in the Brisbane and Gold Coast areas before retiring in During the ice ages, glaciers were found where we find them today, near the poles and on high mountains, but with more ice. In Finland, the ice stopped in the east, near the modern border with northern Russia.

I think it is weird how ancient ice and modern borders are so close, but that is off the topic. I live where an ice sheet covered Canada, and only the experts can see evidence if ice erosion. What we have is evidence of massive floods from when the ice melted.

Noah in Atlantis

The ground under me is lake-bottom clay as thick as a tall building, and large dry valleys are everywhere, known as coulees. Okotoks is one of my favorite towns, in the foothills, with a view of the Rocky Mountains, and just outside of town is a large and rugged rock the size of a battleship.

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That is a ten-hour drive on modern highways, with no breaks. And here is another mystery; why are those angular rocks not small, round and smooth, like all the other rocks in farmers fields? Picking rocks on the farm is a common complaint around here, and those rocks were ground by moving ice. Here is one possibility that I like; geologists believe a huge avalanche dropped large pieces of mountain rock on a valley-bottom glacier near Mount Edith Cavell, possibly from an earthquake.

In the warmer valley bottom a pool of melt water formed under the glacier and when it burst out, the flash flood flowed down the valley and turned right when it hit the Laurentide Ice Sheet on the plains.

Angular rocks like the Okotoks were rafted on ice in a temporary river. They probably traveled quickly, which explains why they are not small, round and smooth now. This is mainstream science, and not some conspiracy theory.

In the context of modern science, the story of Noah and his ark in a flood is not so strange. And Canada might be in the Bible; who knew? Never again will I curse the ground because of humans, even though every inclination of the human heart is evil from childhood. And never again will I destroy all living creatures, as I have done.