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I have a beautiful eighteenth-century double-bass that has appeared in several films. But it is very hard to get a big noise out of a string bass — which is why you see six or eight of them in a classical orchestra, all playing exactly the same thing. When I was in Russia I saw a street trio with a bass balalaika. It was just like a regular balalaika, with three strings and a back like the underside of a rowing-boat — but huge. What impressed me was how loud it sounded. I tune it E, A, D just like the lower three strings of a bass.

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Editorial Reviews. From the Author. Composed very freely with partial tone-sets e-g-f# and Modigliani Eyes: guitar trio - Kindle edition by Denys Geel. Kindle Price: inclusive of all taxes includes free wireless delivery via Amazon Whispernet. Sold by: Amazon Asia-Pacific Holdings Private Limited.

Just like in the first chapter of this series, urge is having the upper hand resulting in a harsh blast of punked-up energy. These songs have been recorded the day they were conceived, back to the primitive enthuisiasm of the band's early recordings.

Edition of , all on silver vinyl. Beautiful pop-up cover by frontman - and illustrator - Alessandro Baronciani and free digital download. Rella is our way of Jandek. He's an outsider musician playing some kind of folkish gloomy blues that often drifts away into long, long jams.

And this is the case: two sad songs backed with a dark didgeridoo meditation. Rella spends most of his time hiding in a dark dusty basement recording solo or with the help of the Rotten Wine Company collective, which he founded and leads together with Maurizio Abate and Roberto Maggioni. It is said that all empires are built upon the ruins of previous empires. It is said that destruction breeds construction. In times of deadlocked aesthetics and stylistic stagnation the time is nigh for a destruction of the old and the construction of the new.

From the rubble of a post-post modern world, Apollo is rising and he is accompanied by a tribe of psychedelic wasteland fellaheen — the Squadra Omega. The winds are shifting, the fog is lifting and a new age is a-coming. Spaceage Cubist-Free-Jazz clashes with Pygmy-Percussion-No Wave-Kraut Rock causing a sonic fusion leading to a complete derangement of the senses, an assault on the frontal lobe and permanent hallucination.

This is music from the Third Eye. Christian DeRoeck, former member of Woods and Meneguar, is back with his third release as Little Gold which is now a full band thanks to the addition of Brian Markham on bass and Pat Broderick on drums. After the melancholic debut LP the new songs have a new youthful and exuberant touch and Half the Time is one of those two and a half-minute pop songs that will stick to your head. Same people on the other side, but a different sound.

Ancient Sky are largely influenced by psychedelic rock and find themselves crusing the deep waters of heavy and hypnotic rock entering bizarre and far-out worlds with unique sounds and structures that walk the line between fierce and subtle. The formula is still made of short lo-fi songs of dark and depressive post-punk, blown-out guitars, bass and fuzz organ haunted by ranting and disturbing German lyrics and that's where Bunker Wolf made some of his best vocal work ever. Same obscure atmospheres, but we shall say this project has a slightly more delicate touch.

Growling inhuman vocals sounding like they came from the heart of a cave soaked in a creepy atmosphere settle down into a sinister melody played by an antique music box. This is when the second part of the record starts, slowly leading to a moment of horror electronics deeply influenced by dark disco.

Limited edition of three-hundred copies released in occasion of Clay Ruby's Italian tour with a frame from Maya Deren's movie screened on the blank side. Cover artwork by Nico Vascellari. After two stunning singles on S-S and Sacred Bones HEBV are back in the 12" maxi-single format and are now allowed to stretch out in two very long songs of dark drone and acid guitars filled with just a few frantic vocals. Wolf starts as a straight punk song and evolves into a space odissey driven by monotonous drumming and filled by a hypnotic flute solo right before collapsing into an melancholic outro leaving us lost and confused.

Worm is a wall of drone crawling and crawling for minutes and then stopping all in a sudden leaving space for another sad epilogue sang by a lonely organ. Two gems that will please all fans of Crisis and Warsaw. An interior journey merging the sound of what used to be a noise-funk duo into a new psychedelic dimension exploring the world of dub music and black-influenced tribal percussion, choruses, afro beats and sitar echoes. A neverending groovy crescendo leading back and forth from the Lightning-Bolt-alike frantic moments of their previous works to this new realm of free vibes that would rather reminds me the ecstatic voyages recently captured on tape by Sun Araw.

Swirling guitars and acid tunes that will show you the way out of the desert. Cover artwork by Troglosound Art. Joe, Orfanado and Riccardo Biondetti G. They mix dub-funk rhythms, tribal percussions, indian and electric bass guitar melodies, arabic and psychedelic voices and minimal-introspective electronic sounds. The trio is at its first vinyl appearance after having been selected for the Vuoto netlabel catalogue. On the flip, leading the way, The Skull Defekts. Given the band members pedigree drummer Henrik Rylander was a co-founder of Union Carbide Productions, guitarist Joachim Nordwall was a member of Kid Commando, while percussionist Jean-Louis Huhta has been a key character in the Swedish underground music scene since the mid 80's and their previous collaborations Pan Sonic, Lasse Marhaug, Damo Suzuki and Wolf Eyes , the Swedish quartet definitely needs no introduction.

Four new tracks, four new noise experiments crawling into Kraut-ish jams, industrial drums, drone machines and effects. Artwork by Marcello Crescenzi. Two songs of modern intergalactic warped pop made of massive synths, distorted melodies and pulsing Syd-era Floyd style bass parts bubbling into watery vocals affected by pitch shifts and changing speeds. Sometimes the sound is so incredibly damaged and confused that you might get lost in ghostly waves of reverb and delay, but once you start digging in the right layers - and discover the treasure buried inside - you will find yourself singing the refrain, and your voice will sound like a hissing tape.

First chapter of what is meant to be a series of four singles. A special limited edition 7" featuring three new songs recorded by Altro at Wave Studio in Pesaro, their hometown. Straight to the point: five minutes of offhandedly-conceived punk, sounding somehow between the awareness of their last recordings and the urge of the debut songs featured on their masterpiece Candore Love Boat, Edition of , all on colored and splattered vinyl.

Using a variety of devices such as turntables, tapes, samplers, radios and microphones, the Berlin-based deejay builds compelling structures where to play with sound as matter.

KANE ROBERTS – ‘Beginning Of The End’ feat. ALICE COOPER & ALISSA WHITE-GLUZ – Metal Planet Music

The Carpenter is a layered landscape made of techno rhythms and slow melodies at the same time, going through edgy constructions and samples of choirs and strings. An incredible instrumental jam in three chapters recorded at Black Dirt Studios in upstate New York in May when the two bands met for a tour in the East Coast of the United States.

Golden Jooklo Age and Peaking Lights melted their fluxes travelling the astral ways of sound and this is the postcard they sent us from the lands of future psychedelia. Harmony and chaos constantly alternating in a vortex of psychic elevation and visionary power converging in parallel worlds of ancestral trance. They use hand-modified gear, Casio tones, monochromatic drones and blissed-out synth drawing from the distorted pop of Wavves and Times New Viking to create haunting, ethereal music and beachside lullabies.

Book of Love (band)

Artwork by Troglosound Art. Founded as a duo by T. Having Citing Killing Joke, Death in June, March Violets and The Cure as influences, Blessure Grave injects a pop sensibility into songs otherwise doomed to dreariness, creating an interesting mix of old and new but dark all around. Announced as a 7inch by Level Plane but released only as a limited test press for their US tour in , it finally takes shape.

One song on each side and just few minutes of music captured in the smallest vinyl format.

Phoenix Bodies produce a kinetic grind with catchy riffs and thrash punk influences. La Quiete is one of the most popular italian hardcore bands, with a huge discography mainly consisting of splits with bands from all around the world.

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Pressing info: copies on black, cardboard covers with metallic embossed print. Distributed in the US by Robotic Empire.

The Modigliani Portrait Not Seen in a Century

New Amsterdam is a collection of four songs recorded live at WNYU plus seven unreleased songs from Madison, WI's Zola Jesus, one of the most intriguing and capable singers to recently emerge from the modern underground. The live set features a full band backing her and sounds somehow different from the previous material, while the homemade tracks on the other side consist of walls of fuzz drum machine melting with those unique vocal-driven melodies and atmospheres. Previously released as a CD-R by Sacred Bones Records, here it comes in its remastered vinyl edition with one extra unreleased song.

Pressing info: copies 69 on gold vinyl, on black Screenprinted covers on thick colored cardboard paper. Squadra Omega is a project born as a free impro bable session combo sounding like an old drunken orchestra mixed with the noises of a 56K modem. This session has been recorded with an eight-track cassette recorder at Outside Inside Studio during a night in May Previously released as a free download by Clinical Archives netlabel. Two Larkin Grimm songs and a cover of "Los Angeles" by Old Time Relijun recorded together with Rosolina Mar after having shared the stage for some shows in Italy to present Parplar Young God Records, , rightly recognized as one of the best albums of the year.

Larkin is a magic woman. She lives in the mountains in north Georgia. She collects bones, smooth stones, and she casts spells.

  • Poesie (Italian Edition).
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  • Conmigo día tras día: Momentos para la reflexión (Ediciones Penguin) (Spanish Edition).

She worships the moon. She is very beautiful, and her voice is like the passionate cry of a beast heard echoing across the mountains just after a tremendous thunder storm, when the air is alive with electricity. I don't consider her folk though - she is pre-folk, even pre-music.

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She is the sound of the eternal mother and the wrath of all women. After the acclaimed LP Melville Voodoo Rhythm, Movie Star Junkies come back with this split appareance building an even darker atmosphere in a neverending groovy crescendo of obscure choirs and saxophone screams. On the other side G.