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The Singphoniker's CD will contribute to making known as well as unknown folksongs - which are not very at-home in the concert hall - resound again in the private environment: singing or humming along is expressly desired!

Die Singphoniker : Fragile: A Requiem for Male Voices Review: The German men's vocal sextet Die Singphoniker was established in the early '80s and has made it its mission to take on a promiscuous variety of music, including plainsong, the repertoires of music for men's voices of the Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Modern eras, as well as folk song and American popular song.

In this album the group brings its commitment to diversity to new level. Taking Pierre de la Rue's Requiem, Missa pro fidelibus defunctis ca. Even as a recital, this assortment would make for a pretty eccentric mix, but the group takes the further provocative step of describing the album as a unified work: Fragile: A Requiem for Male Voices. Much space in the program notes is given over to debating the pros and cons of the propriety of making such a designation, but the prevailing argument is that the human voice provides the organic unifying element that does in fact allow the diverse pieces to be heard as parts of a larger whole.

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Listeners will certainly have a variety of opinions on the success of the enterprise, but for those who can approach it as the performers intended it, as a tool for contemplation rather than the subject of analytical dissection, the album has an intuitively meaningful flow. Die Singphoniker may not have quite the level of polish or the velvety blend of other a cappella groups like Chanticleer or the King's Singers, but it is still an excellent ensemble that delivers nuanced and spirited performances.

The singing in the demanding de la Rue Requiem is especially beautiful and the group provides the rhythmic punchiness that really brings it to life. The five songs in English may be problematic for English speakers because of the accents of the singers, particularly noticeable in the Sting and Clapton and in Deep River. Oehms' sound is terrific: clean, detailed, warm, and very present.

Listen to Vom Himmel Hoch Die Singphoniker : Singphonic Christmas Review: This release from the remarkable male vocal group is a celebration of the intimate connection between music and Christmas throughout the world, regardless of different customs and languages. In this case the focus is on Europe, but the point is that no other celebration is so closely associated with such an abundant repertoire of songs, many of which are shared and often adapted to suit a particular culture or tradition.

As usual, the six singers plus a couple of "guests" on several tracks perform first-rate arrangements especially those by ensemble member Ludwig Thomas of hymns and carols, including "Adeste fideles", "Es ist ein Ros entsprungen", "Quelle est cette odeur agreable", and "Stille Nacht". Along the way we hear other songs many less-familiar from Norway, Italy, England, the Netherlands, and Catalonia. Die Singphoniker : Singphonic Mendlessohn Review: Die Singphoniker, six talented German male singers, love to perform in concert and they love 19th century vocal chamber music, and audiences and judges clearly enjoy listening to them follow their hearts!

Here we are treated to 23 such works by Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy All are delightful, but some particular favorites are "Turkisches Schenkenlied," "Sommerlied," "Liebe und Wein," "Wanderlied," "Trinklied," "Abschiedstafel,""Jagdgesang," "Lob der Trunkenheit," and "Worauf kommt es uberall an.

English translation of 'Südwest-'

Die Singphoniker : Singphonic Reger and Strauss Review: The six German men who call themselves Die Singphoniker are virtuosos who specialize in very difficult pieces, from Gregorian chant to the Avantgarde, in this case bringing us some rarely-heard works of Romantic European music, partsongs by Richard Strauss and Max Reger. New interpreters of vocal chamber music of the 19th century, the group's success is measured in many awards and rave reviews: its last five CDs have received prizes.

Included are 20 pieces, favorites are "Frohlich im Maien," "Hut du dich! Difficult, eclectic choral music, effortlessly and beautifully performed. Die Singphoniker : Singphonic Rossini Review: Focussing on little-known and rarely performed Romantic European vocal chamber music of the 19th century, the 6 men of Singphoniker bring us 12 difficult works by Gioacchino Rossini , and two by Franz Schubert, "La Pastorella" and "Der Gondelfahrer.

It's very clear, especially in this last cut, with the addition of silly sound effects, that the group is having big fun on stage and not taking themselves or the material too seriously. Good stuff!

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These six educated fellows were enchanted by the Comedian Harmonists, who preceded them as one of Germany's most popular vocal harmony groups; Die Singphoniker sound much like them and bear more than a passing resemblance to England's King's Singers, as well. The sextet's scholarship led them to the works of Schubert, Lasso, Mendelssohn and others, and has resulted in many recordings through the years.

This particular CD takes as its theme the "serenade," a song performed to express love for another. Three of the songs are accompanied by piano. Dresden Boys' Choir : Romantic Choral Music Review: With a tradition going back to the 13th century this highly regarded boyschoir, with its full compliment of voices is ideally suited to large scale compositions.


Ennyd, 39, Malerin und sprachpolitische Aktivistin, will das neue Jahrtausend auf dem Gipfel des Snowdon begrüßen. Inmitten der Ausflugsvorbereitungen. Buy Inmitten der Nacht (German Edition): Read Kindle Store Reviews - Amazon. com.

The accoustics of the Kreuzirche contribute to a romantic sound even when the emphasis is on transparency, subtly shading of expression and clarity of articulation. Apart from sacred composistions by Johannes Bach, Asnton Buckner and Max Reger, all masterpieces of romantic choral music, this program also includes some lesser-known composers.

Inmitten der Nacht

Among them are Heinrich Kaminski, director of the Berlin Choir, whose works were banned by the Nazis. Dresden Boys' Choir : Sacred Music Review: The church's four most recent directors of music are united in this collection, in which great sacred choral music illustrates the development of the boys' choir from the beginning of the stereo era to the present day. Dresden Boys' Choir : Schutz, Psalms of David Review: Psalm recitals played a large role in Schutz's composing life, and the reason the Psalms of David play such a significant part in the repertoire of the boys' choir of the Dresden Kreuzkirche is the spiritual and stylistic wealth of works, which can be plumbed for so many solemn or joyful occasions.

To imagine the Dresden Kreuzchor without the music of Heinrich Schutz is all but impossible in this day and age.

Though Schutz was himself never a choirboy there, his oeuvre represents the most significant and long-lasting contribution to the repertoire of this boys' choir, which looks back on a musical tradition of more than years. The artful polyphony of " Es geht ein dunkle Wolk" in the setting by Hugo Distler and in Ludwig Senff's "Entlaubet ist der Walde" also shows how fruitfully composers of various periods have engaged themselves with folk songs.

Beautifully sung, well recorded, all a cappella. This recording marks the launch of a spectacular CD series oriented towards the great Ecclesiastical festivals and high days, capturing the mood and religious background of the church calendar in musical form.

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The selected works are all taken from the choir's popular repertoire, with special emphasis on composers of Saxony. This astonishing work has never before been recorded on CD. The only known date which survives in a manuscript score is Amacord, one of the world's leading vocal ensembles performs works by Schutz, Schein and Praetorius. Capella Sagittariana Dresden also performs on some tracks. Listen to Clic, clac, dansez sabots Ensemble Amarcord : Album Francais Review: After three extremely successful CDs with vocal music of the Middle Ages and Renaissance, amarcord turns this time to the wonderful French vocal music of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

The exquisite singers from Leipzig once again demonstrate their amazing versatility. Starting in the second half of the 19th century, amarcord present some less well-known facets of the works of Rossini and Saint-Saens.

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Meanwhile the s with their pioneering spirit are represented by compositions by Cras, Milhaud, and the young Poulenc, whose entire works for male voices recorded here stretch into the post-war period. But one thing that all the items in this album have in common is their deep rootedness in France and the French: in for instance tradition, dialects, dances, incidents, feelings and savoir vivre. In a nutshell, this album is 'tres francais'! These are great male choral interpretations of popular songs that are sure to delight. Ensemble Amarcord : Book of Madrigals Review: A musical journey to sixteenth-century Europe with secular vocal music of the Renaissance!

The vocal ensemble amarcord brilliantly interprets the music of this epoch in its newest production "The Book of Madrigals" RK ap Cipriano de Rore's "Anchor che col partire" - one of the most popular madrigals of its time, and in arrangements and adaptations still an "evergreen" over a century later - is also masterfully sung here.

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With the release of "The Book of Madrigals," amarcord has added another impressive CD to its discography. Impeccable blend and enticing arrangements makes this a recording that will be a favorite every holiday season. Songlist: Juokse, Porosein! Ensemble Amarcord : Hear The Voices Review: "Hear the Voices" is not just the line of a prayer appearing several times on this CD, but also an appeal to the listeners - to listen between the lines, to hear the centuries between the lives of the various composers, between them and us, to hear the links between their styles of composition, the subtle nuances with which certain words are interpreted by sounds.

Hosted by Gerhard Semler

This all calls for more careful attention than simple "listening". The musical journey starts in France, before taking us back half a millennium to the Flemish region with Luther as our guide. Then there's a little detour to the Iberian Peninsula, a trip to the British Isles, before we finally return to amarcord's native skies in present-day Germany.

Example Sentences Including 'Südwest-'

Ensemble Amarcord : In Adventu Domini Review: Christmas has been celebrated for many centuries in all corners of the world, and this tradition has brought forth what are probably some of the most beautiful and enduring folk songs. The present CD is as diverse as the cultures. It goes from the well-known 'Es ist ein Ros entspungen' by way of Sicily 'O sanctissima' to Trinidad, and from Gregorian chant through the Renaissance to a Christmas motet by Thomaskantor Erhard Mauersberger And of course the Leipzig vocal ensemble Amarcord once again arouses enthusiasm with its incomparable sound.

Gregorian chant from the Moosburg Gradual supplements the Mass. Two of de la Rue's compositions with close connections to the Mass frame the program: the French chanson Incessament, on which the Missa Incessament is based, and its incarnation as a Latin motet - Sic deus dilexit - for Protestant Germany. The program was planned in collaboration with J.

This CD was recorded in the marvelous basilica of the Benedictine Monastery at Wechselburg, Saxony, providing the music with an appropriate atmosphere. Simultaneously, this anniversary release is a reverence to the hometown of the five world-class vocalists. They obviously feel very much at home in this repertoire, and the listener is accorded many a musical discovery in Restless Love.

Besides widely known songs from which they elicit new nuances by means of their just as fresh as knowledgeable creative will, eight of the titles appear for the first time on this CD, including a piece for male choir by Mendelssohn! Yet, besides the music of the then Gewandhaus music director Felix Mendelssohn and his friend Robert Schumann, it is exactly the today hardly known composers that make this CD so remarkable. This is music by Adolf Eduard Marschner, a relative of the crazy, brilliant Heinrich Marschner, who was also active in Leipzig or the musical jewels by Carl Steinacker, August Muhling, and Carl Friedrich Zollner, whose works have long been forgotten by the history of musical reception.

Unjustly, for the songs of love and pain that amaracord has bundled together in Restless Love are without exception musical treasures. Kammerchor Stuttgart : A Cappella Review: Although it's hard to tell from the cover, this is a compilation of music from six discs by Germany's Kammerchor Stuttgart, under longtime conductor Frieder Bernius. It's a good pick for those interested in this member a cappella group, or in unaccompanied choral music generally; the Stuttgarters must rank among the world's best mixed-gender adult choirs in the sheer consistency and suppleness of their vocal blend.

The seven Mendelssohn psalm settings and small vocal works included here are drawn from the group's multi-disc complete recording of Mendelssohn's sacred music, and the works performed here are fine samples that illuminate a largely forgotten repertory and may inspire many buyers to go in search of the original recordings. Beyond Mendelssohn you get good examples of other aspects of the group's work: music by an unfamiliar composer Gottfried August Homilius , some favorites of the later nineteenth century by Brahms, and some black-belt pieces from the end of the century: hear the tonal consistency at a punishingly high pitch of the Sanctus from Rheinberger's Cantus Missae, Op.

No original recording dates are given, but the recordings must span a considerable length of time; the choir has been in existence since the mid-'80s, and the Mendelssohn project alone involved 12 CDs. Given this, the remastering job is impressive; the sonic ambience is consistent and never less than clear and warm. Knabenchor Capella Vocalis : Cantate Domino Review: Musical and artistic success depends to a great degree on the ability of all those involved to work together harmoniously, in every sense of the word.