Goop Calder and the Haunted Cowboy Robots

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I was so impressed with the song that I couldn't wait to hear more. You can hear the pain and sadness in Calder's whispery layered vocals over the course of these 12 songs accompanied largely with nothing more than an acoustic guitar or piano in the case of "Terrified". Live It definitely fulfills the promise these two displayed on their EP and shows great promise for what's still to come. From the super fuzzed out guitar licks of opening cut "Let's Play Nice" it's obvious that they mean business, and the Bonham-esque percussion and vocals reminiscent of Paul Rodgers complete the package.

It's been awhile since this EP hit the shelves, so hopefully a full-lengther is in their future. Over the next few days he got together with some friends to collaborate on four more songs resulting in We Can Get Out Of Here.

Goosebumps [Gwendolyn's Reveal]

Family - Portrait. If someone told you about a band that mixed Tool, Unsane, Mars Volta, Cave In, Thin Lizzy, and the acts aforementioned, you'd think they were joking; Family is no joke.

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Mos Generator - Nomads. Board Of Governors - Bleed. Chicago trio Board of Governors composes the kind of rock songs that beg to be blasted through the large systems in amphitheaters and arenas as heard on the five-track EP Bleed. Bison BC - Lovelessness. Bison BC returns with Lovelessness , a seminal six-track tirade of stoner metal. Capturing elements of sludge, doom, hardcore and thrash in their smoke-laden grooves, Bison BC displays a confidence to let their music do a majority of the talking, as the multitude of lengthy instrumental movements the group employ indicate a fierce twin guitar whose presence rivals the vocals numerous times throughout the album.

Pacific Northwest trio C. Providing a confrontational display of lyrics as subtle as a smack in the mouth, gravel-throated vocals pumping out the angst, and hard-hitting rhythms that simultaneously boast the brevity of punk, the fury of NYHC, and the heaviness of sludge laying down the foundation for it all, C. While they were sorting out their next move Thomas Roue vocals, acoustic guitar and songwriter and electric guitarist Klaus Funk went into the studio and recorded some demos of new songs that ended up turning out so well that they decided to combine them with the EP resulting in be like the train and not the smoke.

Even though it is actually 2 separate recordings this whole disc flows well together showcasing the very talented songwriting of Roue as well as solid musicianship throughout. Lyrically Roue really shines here covering issues like the ups and downs of relationships and life and death with death especially being a recurring theme handling them in a well-written, very visual way, that really allows them to stand out in your mind. The songs themselves are well-crafted alt-country, roots rock with hooks that have a way of quietly burying themselves into your head and then sticking around even when you aren't listening to them.

While there's not a bad cut on the disc some of the highlights include the dark and haunting "3x8 And Five Foot Deep " with it's unique look at de ath from the eyes of a gravedigger and "Ten Ton Anchor", a masterpiece all around from the lyrics to the stellar musicianship with it's driving snare drum beat and haunting guitar and bass, the infectious bounce of "Logic and Reason" that's worth the price of admission for it's instrumental interludes, the catchy upbeat "My Unlikely Dreams" and "Worry Song" that will have you bopping your head with lyrics that will put a smile on your face, the.

The band i s currently working on new tunes for their next disc and having seen them live with their new drummer and bassist I am definitely looking forward to their next effort. It's later revealed that Marco had only dreamed that Gwynnie hit him over the head, and that Gwynnie is actually his younger sister. It's revealed that Danny isn't the ghost, but Hannah is, having been dead for years because a fire she didn't fully put out killed her entire family.

Hannah manages to save Danny from a similar fate and the book ends with her joining her family in the afterlife. Yeah, it's that kind of book. The Revenge : Amelia's dog Fluffy gets stuck in the astral plane forever, but the dog is able to keep the bully Corey Calder in line. The Blank : Broken Dolls features a creepy old woman who crafts dolls, but doesn't include facial features on her creations.

It is later revealed that she uses a type of magical gel referred to as "dolly jelly" by the protagonist's younger brother which not only robs the unfortunate victims of their faces, which then end up on the specific doll, but their souls apparently become trapped in the dolls, too. Blatant Lies : Michael's statement at the end of The Cuckoo Clock of Doom that he'll go back in time and get Tara comes across very much as this. Blessed with Suck : A lot of the books start off with the protagonist finding some kind of supremely powerful magical object that is awesome for about five minutes before terrible things start to happen.

Bloodier and Gorier : The first two books of the original series are exceptionally violent in comparison to the rest. The series were a bit more brutal in terms of violence and horror. Blue and Orange Morality : Most of the monsters and creatures legitimately don't see anything wrong with their bizarre, horrifying antics.

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This makes the protagonists' situation even worse, since it's nigh impossible to reason with them. They range from tomatoes with human faces to near perfect duplicates of the doctor. The main hybrid looks exactly like his creator, only with leaves growing from his scalp and chlorophyll for blood. Needless to say, it's rather disturbing even for a Goosebumps book, and it's taken this trope to a whole new level.

Bowdlerise : Some of the reprints of the original series have removed elements that have not aged well ,: The reprint of Bride of the Living Dummy removes a part where Slappy hits Jillian and claims it is only a "love tap". The reprint of Attack of the Jack O'Lanterns tones down the original book's description of a black character who "acts real cool and sort of struts when he walks like the rappers on MTV videos. Chesney threatening the kids with a shotgun.

Breakout Villain : Slappy was a minor character in the first Night of the Living Dummy book a different dummy was the villain, even though Slappy appeared in the cover , but in the sequels was brought back as the primary villain. Slappy was even the main character of a book of his own. Poor Erin. British Stuffiness : Many of the locals of England portrayed in A Night in Terror Tower are stereotypically snobby and prim and proper.

Broke Your Arm Punching Out Cthulhu : How To Kill A Monster ends with the heroes captured by the monster, even after their attempts at killing it by making it fall through the stairs and poisoning it. Said monster is allergic to humans, and keels over dead and then exploded in the TV version after merely licking one. Unfortunately, the monster's friends are pissed off after this and may or may not be allergic to humans.

Butt-Monkey : Many Goosebumps protagonists have lives miserable enough to qualify them as this. Calling the Old Man Out : Scream School is one of the few books, if not the only one, where a protagonist finally gets to call their parent out on being a useless jackass. Jake Banyon stages an elaborate prank to scare his father, horror movie director Emory Banyon, witless, after Banyon has spent every day scaring Jake and recently ruined Jake's birthday with a needlessly elaborate prank.

And for added measure, Jake set up another prank while setting up the first one. Calvinball : Beast From the East features a very warped version of "Hide and Seek" in which the rules are either made up as they go along, or so incredibly stupid that it just seems that way. Canon Discontinuity : The Horrorland series continues the stories of Carly Beth, the Haunted Mask, and the Deep Siblings, but the events of the sequels are never mentioned, and the characters are the same age as they were in the originals.

The evil camera from Say Cheese and Die! In fact, the camera's backstory is rewritten so that it was originally created specifically for a movie called Say Cheese and Die Screaming that was scrapped because of unexplained accidents that kept occurring on set. Monster Blood is the only exception to this since it focuses on the substance and not Evan Ross.

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Captain Obvious : A lot of chapters tend to end with a dramatic statement that is obvious to the reader. For just one example, in The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb , two consecutive chapters end with the lines, "He had us cornered," and "We were being kidnapped.

A horror story about a super hero wouldn't be very scary. This happens at least once per book, though it's sometimes subverted. One of the most frequent examples has a character usually the parents claiming to believe the protagonist about what's happening, or even to be in on it themselves, only for the next chapter to immediately reveal that they were just joking, much to the protagonist's chagrin. Normal cats are usually depicted as lazy and mean towards the protagonists Bonkers from Piano Lessons Can Be Murder being especially nasty.

Stine himself said in an interview: "I've always been a dog person. You can tell I don't like cats—because I've written so many books with evil cats. It's much harder to imagine an evil dog. Who's Your Mummy? The Chew Toy : Fairly common in the original series, which had several protagonists that get beaten up by bullies a lot and whose misery is at least partly treated as a source of amusement for the reader - such as Gary in Why I'm Afraid of Bees and Michael in The Cuckoo Clock of Doom.

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A later example is Ian in Slappy Birthday to You , who's regularly subject to violence from his cousins and younger sister. Chuck Cunningham Syndrome : Thanks to Goosebumps Horrorland , many of the human characters from the original series don't reappear alongside the enemies they fought. The cast of the first four Monster Blood books are completely replaced with brand new characters in Monster Blood for Breakfast.

Considering how widely disliked the majority of the old cast was except for Andy , the use of this trope isn't too surprising. Circus Episode : A Nightmare on Clown Street Circus of Fear : Koko's Klown Acadaemy in A Nightmare on Clown Street is an interesting example, as it's actually more dangerous for the clowns as those who act out of line are taken to the titular clown street to fight dangerous monsters.

Close-Enough Timeline : In The Cuckoo Clock of Doom , Michael is cursed by his family's cuckoo clock to be repeatedly sent mentally back in time into his own body at younger and younger stages of his life until he might be erased from existence. He alters the timeline so that it never happens, but his annoying and malicious sibling is erased from existence due to the clock's "defect" mentioned earlier in the book the clock's year dial skips the sister's birth year, something that he caused when fixing the backwards time flow.

He promises he should probably go back and try to fix it. Deconstructed in that it makes him the villain character of the story, as he creates the titular evil scarecrows. And then he learns nothing from it, as shown in the obligatory Cruel Twist Ending. Doctor Maniac in both of his books. The girl calling claims to be Courtney's friend Denise. Courtney's response: "That's weird. How can you be Denise when Denise is standing here right next to me? Daddy Had a Good Reason for Abandoning You : I Am Your fcruin has the protagonist finding out his cousin is actually his sister and the reason she was separated from Monty was because Mom had no way to support two kids.

Darker and Edgier : The Goosebumps series.

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Dark Is Not Evil : Often, the supposed "monster" of the story turns out to be rather benevolent, while the true villains are just sick, amoral people. Death by Deaging : A variation occurs in Cuckoo Clock of Doom , where the protagonist is gradually sent further and further into his own past by the titular object and has to find a way to reverse the process before he disappears.

Defanged Horrors : The series can be scary, but is overall fine for children. Deliberately Monochrome : The Haunted School Denser and Wackier : The later entries in the original series tended to take this tone more and more, with a few exceptions. Deus ex 'Scuse Me : Several. In The Haunted Mask , it happens twice— once with the mask shop owner, and once with Carly-Beth's mom.

Disproportionate Retribution : A Wicked Witch in Chicken Chicken transformed kids into literal chickens because they knocked over her groceries in the street and then ran away without apologizing. One kid who stammered out an apology before running off was apparently forgiven. Full Moon Fever provides an equally extreme example. The protagonists are turned into wolf-like monsters by Mrs. Eakins, their grouchy neighbor. Their crime? Kicking a soccer ball through her living room window.

First, Sarah nearly has a panic attack at the thought of sleeping next to a screen-less window and bugs getting in, so she convinces a counselor to switch Briana to the empty bed so Sarah can have the bed Briana was occupying, infuriating Briana and Meg because they wanted to share bunk beds.