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There are a couple of possiblities- in Governor's Harbor and south of it, we've used Wilfred Major. He rents by the day, multiple days, or by the week. We've always got a Jeep because we want to have the high clearance to go on the rougher "beach roads". He was reasonably priced and very pleasant to deal with. No licenses are necessary, but you still have to observe the seasons- like lobster season closed on April 1, so you can't take lobster. We've had luck wading from shore and seeing conch, lobster, and lots of fish. Conch trimmings seem to make the best bait, as it stays on the hook and the fish take it readily.

Otherwise, spincasting with powerbait and a spinner will catch snapper, grouper, bonefish believe it or not! We do some surf fishing, and always catch something! The best bait seems to be conch trimmings on a jig head. That stays on the hook pretty well, and all the fish take it. Otherwise, tropical looking rapalas seem to work at times. We've caught everything from small barracuda to snapper and jacks. We caught something once that looked like a prehistoric fish, and tried to identify it after we released it.

I think that it was a trunkfish. Everything else was edible! I'm not sure when lobster season opens it closes on April 1 each year , but everything else seems to be ok to take. You don't need a permit or license, and you can use a Hawaiin sling. You can use a snorkel, but not scuba, to take fish and lobster. We waded flats on the Carribean Bight side for bonefish and barracuda. Much more coral fragments and fish on the east side, but sometimes kind of windy. Make sure you have salt water reels, as we've destroyed some good reels just from the salt breeze. Try to spincast near some coral fragments, or near patches of sea grass.

The fish are always in cover, but come out a little to take the bait. I've snorkeled while my husband fished, and actually seen them poke their heads out to check out his bait!

Fisherman's Luck by Hunter Keller

Just be aware that as soon as they take the bait, they're heading right back into the coral -so be ready! What has worked for us is to ask around in the Tarpum Bay area. We learned that often the fishermen don't even go to the bay to sell, they do so from their back yards. We found a guy named Scotty who lives near Tarpum Bay. He gets grouper and lobster. Everyone seems to know him, just ask around at stores. He comes in around each day. Well, you get whatever the fisherman caught that day.

Usually snapper of some sort. Lobster is available often, during lobster season. I've never found conch, except near Cape Eleuthera from the conch divers. We are coming to stay on the island for 12 days and would like to have a small boat - just a 12 footer or so - to go out and explore the islands and just have fun with. They are in the center of Governor's Harbour, next to the only traffic light on the island. Web address is www. If you come here to participate in some of the best bonefishing that the Bahamas has to offer, then you're in luck!

The Duck Inn is located in the heart of prime fishing locations. As an added bonus, The Duck Inn is located at one of the best bonefishing spots on Eleuthera.

Just step out your door and walk to the harbour. You'll see plenty of bonefish to stalk right in your own front yard! Eleuthera is primarily a do-it-yourself bonefish island as most spots are accessible by car. However, if you'd like to hire a guide to assist you in finding these elusive fish, we can help you make arrangements with one of the best guides on the island.

Upon arrival at the Duck Inn, you will receive a book that will give you directions to the many beaches of Eleuthera. Also you will be given a tide chart. The tides on the west coast of Eleuthera are two hours behind the east coast…doubling your chances at the prime tides for bonefish! I say zippered cooler so that airport customs can "check" your bags without removing duct tape or whatever is holding a regular cooler closed Zippered coolers did the trick for us. We took frozen meats in a softsided zippered cooler.

We froze the meat before packing it and used a few of the frozen blue ice packs. By the time we got to Eleuthera the meat was still frozen, it worked out great. I don't really recall running into any problems.

Offbeat & Off topic, DXB.

I think we carried it onto the plane. We just packed mostly dry goods in our case and took a soft cooler in our bag with ice packs for the meat.

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If you go, bring food - food is really expensive on island Eleuthera is a beautiful untouched place, go fast before others discover it!!! We have been going to Eleuthera for years and we do not take food with us. The regular grocery prices in Eleuthera are roughly the same or very slightly higher than the U. But the cost is a lot less than resort areas in the U.

Then Came the Evening

There is a simple grocery store right at the intersection at Palmetto Point and I like to patronize them whenever possible to support their economy. Nice people. Otherwise, the grocery store at the main intersection in Governor's Harbour has the best selection of household stuff and food stuff around.

And they are open 7 days a week, days a year closed Christmas Day. The restaurants are less expensive than most U. Lots of fresh seafood that you could never bring with you. Don't bring food. It will cost you a lot more to buy it and ship it than it would cost to buy it in the local Eleuthera grocery stores. We tend to stock up on food bars and snacks that we bring with us as well as spaghetti, snacks, and produce from local stores once we arrive.

Eleuthera still has a large agricultural industry and its pretty easy to get great produce here, especially tomatoes. Otherwise, we like to eat at local restaurants. If you are staying in Governors Harbour or will be driving through GHB on your way to your rental, there are two large by Eleuthera standards grocery stores and liquor stores right on the main road. In GH there are a least two "food" stores. We shopped at the one at the Shell gas station and ther is a sprits store two building up.

We foundall the basic items at the store, eggs,bread,canned goods, milk, juice etc. All the meat is frozen.

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You can buy fresh fish at the boat pier in town each afternoon between when they come in. We did and it was very good. Another helpful tip is you MUST buy everything you can by the case This goes for all beverages.

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Be aware that fresh milk only comes in on Thursdays and even then it's reconstituted powdered milk on the island and every town has a bakery for buying breads. If you buy bread in the grocery store, you'll get bread from the US packaged and it's ok, but the Bahamian bread is cheaper and a treat! Remember that the boat comes in on Tuesdays so you'll struggle finding produce Sat, Sun, and Mondays By the way, Tarpum Bay is a really scenic little town with the best hardware store on the island and a Shell station on the corner of the road going to Winding Bay owned by a fellow named Kinky.

Very honest, nice man.

South of Palmetto Point on the right maybe 5 miles is a farm that sells fresh produce. Whatever is in season. Produce is definately hard to get some times of the year. Go south about 30 min to some small town and get grouper and lobsters when the fisherman come in late afternoon. We cooked most nights and ate outside. Very cheap, about 25 bucks for 2 lobster and one grouper.

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There is also a great grocery store owned by the Sands family in Rock Sound that would be the best bet for good meat on a regular basis. First of all, know that selections are limited. If you see something you like, buy it because it may not be there again until the next boat milk and bread especially. It is hard to get fruits and vegetables if they are out of season, so consider bringing canned or frozen if this is important to you.

All the meat is frozen, so we always bring a cooler full of our own.