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Enter My Free Chatroom. I appreciate her down to earth honesty and I enjoyed hearing about the story of her life since I've read a few of her other books. It was a bit repetitive at times and I lost interest throughout several chapters. I have been a Reiki Master for seven years but I had never set up a proper grid. Streams Videos All Posts. The song is a tour-de-force.

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Diary of a Psychic

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Her experience's and her teachers along the way and at the same time teaching us who read. All around fun read I truly enjoyed this so much Thank you Sonia!!! Jul 18, Peggy rated it really liked it Shelves: memoir , psychic-powers , other-worldly. Enjoyed this book, very interesting read about a woman with psychic abilities and the different readings that help some people.

The book moves well for the first half but seems to get redundant the last half. Inspiring Wow. This book offered so much insight into the life of a psychic! Most everything in the book felt spot on. This ones a keeper. I'll definitely re-read it! And now I feel compelled to go to Chicago to get a reading from Sonia! Loved it Well written and interesting step by step guide of what it is like to be psychic.

Very interesting perspective. I learned a lot. Jan 28, Ade Spall rated it it was amazing. Loved it and took lots of notes! Excellent read Sonia is a very magical lady. Easy to follow. What a story to tell! Will be looking for more books in future. Eye opener Easy to read. Hunger for more. Spread the word, the world needs love and we are all love. Thank you Sonia and all the angels and guides in the universe for this gift. Interesting I enjoyed this book immensely.


It was well written and very descriptive. I could picture the characters with ease. Interesting topic. Feb 21, Emm rated it it was amazing. Very good. The book is about how she grew up in a house of spirits. Her mother was also a psychic and then it ends on a really inspiring note. Having just finished the Diary of a psychic, in which she telling us about her voyage to becoming a spiritual person, in all its different forms, was a fascinating read.

Now I feel the need to go back and read the other book again. She was very young when she started having psychic abilities, following in her mothers footsteps. This was one of the more interesting accounts that I have read about a psychics journey, and seeing how she has perfected her gift to be able to use it and not be overwhelmed by the energies, of the people she is reading and even that of her lower guides.

People that have these abilities have always fascinated me, as I believe anything is possible and have experienced minor things myself, letting me know that there is more out there, than one thinks. I will definitely check out some of her other books, now that I know a bit more of what she does. Dec 29, Kimberly Cain rated it really liked it Shelves: non-fiction , spirituality , autobiography , metaphysical. This book helped me to come back to my own intuitive self. Sonia is such a "normal" take that however you wish!

Her book helped me feel good about stepping out to do the same. After re This book helped me to come back to my own intuitive self. Jul 16, Chris rated it it was amazing. I absolutely love Sonia's style of writing. It's as if I were writing it. It just flows and captures you the whole way through.