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In an interview with Judith Bolton-Fasman published in The Jewish Reader , August , Scliar commented on his use of the centaur as a metaphor: "The centaur is a symbol of the double identity, characteristic of Jews in a country like Brazil. At home, you speak Yiddish, eat gefilte fish, and celebrate Shabbat. But in the streets, you have soccer, samba, and Portuguese. After a while you feel like a centaur.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Moacyr Scliar. Porto Alegre , Rio Grande do Sul. Jewish Renaissance. Folha de S. Retrieved 6 April Archived from the original on 20 June Retrieved 7 April Patrons and members of the Brazilian Academy of Letters. Order of Cultural Merit Brazil. Portela G. In context, it means 'money is tight'. Also applicable to other struggles, such as running out of time to complete a task.

To be waiting for The preposition 'que' makes it necessary to conjugate the following verb in the present subjunctive. To tease or mess with someone. Generally playful, but can also be meant as a rude provocation. An expression with very variable meanings, but typically referring to struggling with something like finding a solution to a problem or to be desperate for something like needing a bathroom urgently.

In Brazilian Portuguese, 'constipado' does mean constipated, as in English, while the common cold is a 'resfriado'. A way of saying 'we're done talking' or 'that's all there is to say'. When applied to services or products, it means to be sold out or out of stock. When applied to people, it means to be exhausted or burned out. An expression comparable to 'I almost thought that A self-referencing expression that would literally mean 'this friend of yours'.

Similar to the English expression 'yours truly'.

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Dazzling, incredible, dizzying. An adjective applicable for anything that leaves you stunned, in a good way,. An expression used when you answer the phone, similar to "Hello? A word taken from another language and integrated into Portuguese language in its original form. A town in central Portugal, which became the country's and one of the world's main destinations for Catholic religious tourism and pilgrimage after an alleged series of apparitions of the Virgin Mary in It's the informal way of introducing a favour, "please" or "if you could", in portuguese the polite way is "por favor" but many people use "se faz favor".

You will also hear it slurred together like "faxavor", which is slang. Literally translates to 'Does Everything'. To do what someone wants you to do, to humour someone, to give in to them. Literally, to 'make tourism', i. A Portuguese expression, which borrows, but then misuses the English word 'pressing'. It's supposed to mean pressuring someone to do something.

Doing odd jobs, one-off paid services, as a way to make some extra cash. Guarantor, someone who guarantees to pay off a debt for someone else if the person fails to do so. Expression used to describe a song or melody that is catchy, or memorable, and easily gets stuck in the head.


To stay cool, fresh, as in someone who manages to avoid feeling hot in a warm day. To be on the house - when a commercial establishment offers something for free. Traditional Portuguese Christmas dessert, consisting of fried dough balls. A Portuguese sweet made of deep-fried dough and topped with cinnamon and sugar. The individual units of a building in the context of real estate. The same word is used to describe mathematical fractions. Special sandwich containing various meats and topped with melted cheese and sauce.

Bangs or fringe. The term is applicable to both male and female hairstyles. Common term for edible fruits, albeit scientifically inaccurate.

In Portuguese, the proper translation for any fruit in general, literal or figurative, is 'fruto' or 'frutos' e. But edible fruits in particular are generally called 'fruta' or 'frutas'.

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This isn't applied to all fruits - tomatoes and cucumbers, for example, are generally treated as plain vegetables by laypeople. An easy way to tell if a fruit should be called 'fruta' is to think if your first instinct would be to grab it and eat it as is it's probably a 'fruta' or to add it to a salad or cook it it's probably not a 'fruta'.

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Galician, an official language in the region of Galicia, in northwestern Spain, right above Portugal. The language is closely related to Portuguese. The Rooster of Barcelos, a symbol of Barcelos due to an ancient tale about a rooster that crows to prove the innocence of a pilgrim about to be executed after being accused of a crime. To make some cash. The literal translation of 'trocos' would be 'change' small coins.

Calf muscles. The word itself means twins.

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It's also the word for the Zodiac sign Gemini. A village in the far Noth of Portugal, in the municipality of Viana do Castelo. Grit a kind of soil made of little gray stones, less fine than sand. Similar to a pseudonym, which is simply a false name used by an author, a heteronym is a full-blown imaginary alternative persona created by a writer. An island located in the Barragem do Castelo do Bode, surrounded by a magnificent landscape.

Whole wheat, whole grain, when applied to food. Otherwise, the word is used just like its English relative 'integral'. Jealous of something. Note that jealousy in a relationship uses a different word: Ciumento.


To go down the drain, down the tubes, down the gutter. Used when something goes wrong and plans are foiled. Imposto sobre o Rendimento das Pessoas Singulares - The Portuguese income tax return for individuals.

Used to express disbelief and to firmly reject an idea that another person is convinced of. Name of a Portuguese newspaper. The names of most Portuguese TV news programs also start with 'Jornal' e. We are living together. Juntar means get together, unite, and trapinhos means clothes, when people get their clothes and stuff together in the same house. To add in other contexts it can be to get together, to gather pieces together. A more emphatic or interesting way of describing someone's movements.

To get all greasy and dirty. The expression most often applies to eating voraciously a very appreciated meal.