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Aztec Civilization
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Image: Daum. But the symbolism of having a Persian prince take refuge in Korea and fall in love with a Korean princess is undeniable.

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What happens next, though, is what makes it a really big deal. His birth is a turning point in the whole story.

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For centuries, in this story, Persia gets tormented by an evil, tusked monster. This 14th-century Persian painting portrays a scene from the Kushnameh in what scholars believe could be the betrothal of prince Abtin kneeling and Silla princess Frarang sitting. Hanyang University Museum. For 1, years, people have been reading this story without any idea what they were looking at. For a long time, we assumed that the story was just about China.

The Aztec Origins of Día de Los Muertos

Recently, though, historians have taken a look at those descriptions again and realized just how perfectly they really do match up with Korea. This really might completely change the way we see history. For a long time, Korea has seemed an isolated, distant place from the Western world; but this story suggests that the east and west may not have been so disconnected after all.

It took until before the first European explorer reached Korea. Generally, though, it was assumed that they were just part of a bigger trade network.

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It puts other relics under a new light, as well. In an ancient tomb in Gyeong-Ju, for example, there is an old monument to a Korean war hero who looks an awful lot more like a Persian soldier than a Korean one. Now, some people are starting to wonder if this might really be the monument to a forgotten Persian hero who fought for Korea. It could change everything about how we see the history of these countries. After all, this is far more than a love story between two people. Top image: This 14th-century Persian painting portrays a scene from the Kushnameh in what scholars believe could be the betrothal of prince Abtin kneeling and Silla princess Frarang sitting.

Akbarzadeh, Daryoosh.

A Love Letter to Korea

Many of us will know the story of the Spaniard Cortes who with a very small army conquered the Aztec Empire in Mexico. Some of you will know. Aztec the most extraordinary love story never told. It s time to reveal what god longs to heal naked and not ashamed. Happy sighs. Angels inspire a little higher.

Research Institute of Ichto. October, Hee Soo Lee. Middle East Institute. Iglauer, Philip. The Korea Herald. Kim Young Deok.

Feathered Serpent: A Novel of the Mexican Conquest

Encyclopedia Iranica. Zegeling, Mark. My writing has appeared on the front pages of Yahoo, The Read More. First of all, the person who wrote this article must know that Korea and Shinra have nothing to do with each other and that Korea's history is very short. The Korean roots are the Evenkis who lived along the current Russian border, and they are not the heirs of Shinra and Baekje cultures.

This story and the findings about the tomb are intresting. I am persian and I heared about it from a South Korean friend. This is not unexpected that Persians and Koreans knew about each other and some people from the two countries vistited each other's countries. Having access to silk road, these countries were able to get into business deals which would probably require some of merchants to go and see the countries. If persians knew about China, they knew about Korea as well considering the fact that China and Korea were neighbors. The theory that there actually was a persian prince who took refuge in Korea is surperising to me because it can show that the story is not completely fictional in case we assume that the buried person in the tomb was persian.

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We seek to retell the story of our beginnings. Skip to main content. References: Akbarzadeh, Daryoosh. I am a writer, a teacher and a father, with 5 years of experience writing online. I have written for a number of major history parenting and comedy websites. Login or Register in order to comment. Omid wrote on 3 March, - Permalink. Related Articles on Ancient-Origins.

The Kushnameh: A 1,500-Year-Old Persian Epic About Korea

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You must listen to this one, trust me. I loved this book, and I loved listening to it, but I'm not sure if I'd enjoy reading it. It is literally an impromptu conversation between two blissfully married people, maybe with some rough guidelines of what to talk about, but it is all just off the cuff.

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I'm pretty obsessed with Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman, both as people and as a couple, and this book only made me like them more. I'm, how should I put this Say "polymath" again, Nick Offerman, just whisper it in my ear. The audio was a joy to listen to, but, yeah, I didn't learn all that much about them as people that I didn't already know, but that was just fine with me.

I didn't want to stop listening, which is all I could ask for in an audiobook. View all 27 comments. Julia C I agree with this! A fantastic listen. I also wondered how it would read as a book. I am craving more after finishing the audiobook today.