A Memory Between Us (Wings of Glory Book #2): A Novel

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The love story was incredible. The chemistry between the characters while the memories of their past ripping at their relationship was ingenious! At several points in the novel I seriously thought that the story was going to feel over, but no. It just moved onto another area of tension, taking me right along with it. None of us are perfect on the first time around and I loved that about this story. I will say one other thing: never have I anticipated a kiss more.

This review is my honest opinion. Thanks to the publisher for my copy to review.

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Available September from Revell a division of Baker Publishers at your local bookstore. View all 21 comments. Aug 30, Michelle rated it it was amazing Shelves: christianfiction , historicalfiction , forreview , blog-tour-book. The romance, the setting, the dialog, and the little details the author included throughout the story had me firmly planted in the s.

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I loved the realism of the combat, the scenes of pilots flying missions where some made it and some didn't, and the whole scenario regarding the nurses and their unpleasant pasts. The romantic tension between characters was breathtaking, too. This author really knows how to turn up the heat while at the same time providing substance to her story. My eyes teared up more than once as I grieved and celebrated with the characters through some of their trials.

My favorite fiction always has edgy content, and this story had some amazingly realistic scenes that really drew me in. The heroine's flashbacks were flawlessly executed and well-written. Because they were so full of emotion, I understood the helpless feeling Ruth experienced when she was attacked, and how it negatively influenced her ability to trust everyone, including God. Shame is a powerful weapon that the enemy uses to keep us from knowing true peace and joy. I loved how the author brought both the hero and the heroine through their own individual trials to show that only God can give each of us what we need in our lives in order to grow.

When Ruth revisited painful memories, the transition was seamless every time.

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Both women had believable histories of abandonment, especially Ruth. Her perspective on what happened and that she somehow deserved it rang true for me. I was a bit disappointed with Jack's reaction, but because he was still a bit self-righteous and prideful, it made sense.

God hadn't finished working on softening Jack's heart. I loved that the author showed how many times Jack's motivation toward Ruth was wrong. His outreach to her was often more about building himself up, meeting his goal, winning the struggle for her heart, etc. Ruth was right when she said God had to be first and that Jack's interference was keeping her from growing in the Lord. So true. Both the hero and the heroine were complex characters. They had numerous internal and external conflicts that needed to be worked through before they would be whole enough to love each other the way they both needed to be loved.

The author left no stone unturned, and I loved that. She was not afraid to make her characters suffer. Just when you thought things couldn't get any worse, they did. A Memory Between Us was the perfect title, too, because it summed up the main barrier between them.

Ruth had to work through some of those issues on her own in order to heal. So did Jack. I loved how she triumphed over her greatest fears, and Jack overcame his, too.

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This was an incredible story, and though a bit long, I enjoyed it very much. View all 3 comments. Mar 30, Barbara rated it liked it Shelves: kindle-books , series , read-in , historical-fiction , beach-read , romance , wwii , contemporary-fic.

It's a fairly good mix of romance and war without getting too overbearing on both. I have to give the edge to the first book in the series though, A Memory Between Us fell a little flat for me. I think I just didn't find Jack or Ruth all that wonderful compared to Allie and Walt however all of them are frustrating at one point or another!

I guess that's the authors prerogative. I guess my issue here was I thought the author dragged the inevitable out a bit too long. I'm also going to let readers know this book goes heavy on the religious ideas. I'm not bashing that or saying it's a bad thing, but if that kind of thing doesn't interest you, you're not really going to enjoy this book or this series.

But this past colors the way she reacts to men, keeps her from offering or accepting friendship with women, or trusting God to be loving and forgiving. Jack Novak went through seminary with the intent of becoming a pastor like his dad.

Buy a Kindle - Ebook Download A Memory Between Us (Wings of Glory Book #2): A Novel Free PDF Online

Editorial Reviews. From Booklist. *Starred Review* High on morphine and with a backside full of shrapnel, brash and handsome Major Jack Novak impulsively. A Memory Between Us is the second book in the WINGS OF GLORY series, which follows the three Novak brothers, B bomber pilots with the US Eighth Air Force stationed in England during World War II. Major Jack Novak has never failed to meet a challenge--until he meets army nurse Lieutenant Ruth Doherty.

But because a war was on he joined the Air Corp. Injured on a flight and hospitalized, he meets the lovely nurse Doherty. Jack sees a challenge in that, and believes to his core that he can get Ruth to fall for him. This turns out to be far more difficult than he ever expected.

A Memory Between Us (Wings of Glory Book #2): A Novel

God has plans that neither Ruth nor Jack have in mind, and getting there is going to be a bumpy ride. In A Memory Between Us , some characters have to really face themselves, and the lessons learned are hard won. Jack loves God, but trusts himself too often. Much of this book was fascinating, but some of it was difficult.

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I found the book hard to put down. Jack was my favorite character in this book. Katelyn Boggs. I never quite put my finger on why, and just attributed it to the WWII setting. Jack groaned.

One scene of a tragedy about to happen was particularly hard to read. Also, several times Jack's reactions had me shaking my head.

In three words… over the top. But Ms. The story is flawless in illustrating what pilots, bombardiers, gunners and navigators aboard bomber aircraft went through on their heart stopping runs over Germany, and of evading or attacking the Luftwaffe in the air. You are there with the crew as they approach targets. You are with them in preflight or post bombing-run excitement.

It puts you in all the action as if you are part of the crew. Good book, for the most part. Cute teasing dialog between Jack, Ruth, Charlie and May had me smiling, and leant fun comic relief often. Minor warning If you are sensitive to the topic of rape, this might be a tough read. Shelves: favorites , revell , christianfiction , own , historical , september , us-wwii. This is the second novel in the Wings of Glory series, but could easily stand alone telling the story of the next brother in the Novak clan.

When I read the first book in the series, A Distant Melody I fell completely in love with the writing of author Sarah Sundin and my feelings have not changed.

A Memory Between Us (Wings of Glory, book 2) by Sarah Sundin

This past spring brought a treasure with the discovery of adventure within the pages guided by Sarah. About the first book I said This is a historical romance that has all of the elements that one's hear This is the second novel in the Wings of Glory series, but could easily stand alone telling the story of the next brother in the Novak clan. This is a historical romance that has all of the elements that one's heart looks for and while at the same time bringing forth events of a war time past that are true and hard to accept.

Usually I am not a fan of war time novels, but this one captures my heart. Then with this second installment with the Wings of Glory those feelings continue on. Penelope Ruth is such a character.

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Spunky, yet timid. Jack is a hoot and a half and their personalities both make me laugh as they come off the page. I absolutely love these characters as they are so witty and fun. Even our secondary characters of Charlie and May, they show the joys and hard true and realities of the time. War novels are not usually for me, but even with terminology that is a different language to me, the story really comes through and paints and incredible picture.

It is a picture that is sometimes gray and sometimes vibrant with blue skies and sometimes a sepia tone with mud, but it's there all the same. It's amazing how much can be told in such a short amount of pages it seems.

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Watching and learning all the different snippets of what brought Jack and Ruth to certain points in their lives is interesting and I was hooked to find out what would come in the next chapter and the next. Things can be so complicated, but with issues of love and pride and trust the plot even though historical is very relevant to today and any reader's life. So many directions the characters could go and hanging on for the ride with my heart beating and my emotions running is such a journey.

Even the characters of questionable nature make me plot in my mind what their turn of events could be and in the end, isn't it always true that we have to trust God over all. Watching the come and go and relationship with God with Jack, Ruth and even May enlightens things that I may have once thought as absolute. Yet what is so beautifully shown in their lives is that even in the turmoil there is a role that God is playing, we just have to trust.

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I am delighted to have found Sarah as an author for my permanent shelves of books and I will impatiently wait for the next book and the next! Feb 20, Rebekah Tooley rated it it was amazing Shelves: , favourites. Such an incredible and powerful book by a truly talented author!